Steve Jones

Steve Jones | Builder/Owner

Steve Jones has been building most of his life. Steve's father, Talbot, was an architect and taught Steve at an early age how to build and the importance of quality construction. Because of his commitment to superior service and craftsmanship, Steve is wholeheartedly involved in each of his projects, most of which he designs himself. Whether it is a remodel, addition or a custom home, he is hands on and on the project site everyday until completion. Steve works closely with his subs to make sure every detail is diligently attended to. All of the craftsmen Steve utilizes in his construction projects are masters in their respective trades, and just as Talbot Custom Building, have an amazing commitment to excellence.

Travis Jones

Travis Jones | Builder/Partner

Travis Jones is in partnership with his father, Steve, and Talbot Custom Building and has been building large custom homes since 2003. He has traveled throughout Europe, the Caribbean and Central America studying architecture while continuing his education in both architecture and drafting. He has attained certificates in Architectural Technology, Drafting Fundamentals, and Computer-Aided Design and Drafting. Travis won an award for his designs and models in San Diego.